Webhostingpad Coupon Information

Webhostingpad Coupon Information

Webhostingpad is one of the popular names in the web hosting industry. The company was established since 2005 with the sole purpose of providing affordable web hosting without compromising quality. In its additional effort to further make web hosting increasingly affordable, the company offers webhostingpad coupon periodically. So, by taking advantage of this coupon discount, you can have your own ‘piece of the world wide web’ without paying through your nose.

About Webhostingpad Coupon

This coupon can help you save up to $25 on your web hosting package. There are different coupon codes from Webhostingpad, there’s also a coupon code that saves $15 on web hosting plan. You can find the coupon through the affiliate websites. And, clicking the link of the coupon in order to visit webhostingpad official website is the best way to ensure the coupon will reflect in your overall web hosting purchase invoice.

Webhostingpad coupon is available in form of code. Once you find a valid code, copy it out and paste on the required field when you commence your web hosting order on the platform. Basically, this web host offers only shared web hosting. So, it is easy to choose any hosting plan under the shared web hosting package. Usually, the discount will reflect on the total purchase when you receive your purchase invoice.

Is the Webhostingpad Coupon for Everyone?

There are basically two categories of people that can benefit from the coupon discount that Webhostingpad offers;

• Businesses or individuals who are hosting their domains for the first time. In essence, if you are just hosting a domain for the first time, the coupon code from Webhostingpad is for you. It will provide you with increased affordable shared hosting for your new domain. The process of placing your web hosting order and using the Webhostingpad coupon is so simple and user-friendly. But, if you encounter any challenge in the process, simply click on the live chat button to get help from an expert.

• Individuals or business that wants to transfer their domains from the present web hosting platform to Webhostingpad. In essence, if you probably do not like the quality of hosting service in your current web host’s website, you can take advantage of the discount coupon offer from Webhostingpad to transfer your website affordably. And, you will not incur any additional charge or hidden fees for the transfer. In addition, the transfer is fast and secure.

Webhostingpad coupon is not for existing domains on Webhostingpad. It simply means you cannot utilize the coupon discount if you are already hosting your domains on this platform. However, if you wish to create a different account, you can definitely take advantage of the coupon even if you already own an account on the platform.

What Hosting Features are Available with the Webhostingpad Coupon?

All the web hosting features available for shared web hosting on this platform are completely applicable to discounted web hosting purchase. These features include the following;

Unlimited Hosting Features: Typical examples are disk space, monthly bandwidth, domains, email forwarders, email accounts, subdomains, parked domains, email autoresponder, MySQL database and tons of other unlimited features.

Freebies: Free site builder with tons of website templates to choose from. Also, there is free domain name (unlimited).

Ecommerce Features: These include open GPG/PGP encryption, OS commerce shopping cart, password protected directories, advanced fire walls, round-the-clock security.

Bonus Features: The bonus features on Webhostingpad platform include mailing list, message board, image galleries/copper mine, Mambo & Joomla.
You will also enjoy 24/7 U.S based support. It simply means you can contact Webhostingpad support team even at odd hours to help resolve any technical challenge you may be encountering.

Besides, if you opt for shared web hosting power plan plus, you will enjoy more advanced web hosting features. The Power Plan Plus is best suited for business websites that need more hosting features designed specially for business oriented websites. The additional features for the Power Plan Plus include the following;

• SSH Access
• SSL certificate
• Advanced web stats
• Business directory listing
• Advanced spam filter
• Advanced security spam

Finally, remember that coupons are usually limited offers, and the webhostingpad coupon is no exception. Therefore, endeavor to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. Check the expiry date of a coupon before copying it out. This way, you won’t end up with an invalid coupon code.